Thursday, February 8, 2018

Older Entrepreneurs Do It Better

People over 35 are more likely to start a business... and much more likely to succeed at it

We all know today’s script for entrepreneurial success: A super-bright college student, impatient with classwork, drops out to pursue his big idea. Venture-capital funders chase after him, and he gathers smart pals around him to launch his startup.

Sensational growth soon follows for the company - and riches for its founders - and the youth-driven innovation economy notches yet another success. It’s a powerful narrative, and it has shaped lots of thinking about how to spark economic growth and prosperity. [more...]

In his new book, BURN THE BUSINESS PLAN: What Great Entrepreneurs Really Do, bestselling author and economist, Carl Schramm, applies his decades of experience in the world of entrepreneurship to offer a myth-busting guide packed with tools and techniques to launch any business. Illustrated with stories of real entrepreneurs who started successful businesses, he debunks some of the most commonly held beliefs surrounding startups and business development - starting with the supposed importance of a business plan.

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