Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why We Should Kill the SEC

By Christopher Markowski

As the speed of trading literally approaches the speed of light, the SEC can't keep up. To wit, there's SEC Chairman Mary L. Schapiro's claim that many of the Wall Street firms her agency regulates have technology budgets that are larger than her total operating costs. But it's easy to blame the regulators. What's much harder to do is blame the real culprits: Ourselves. [more...]

Monday, March 19, 2012

Are We On the Verge of the Obama Great Depression?

By Wayne Allyn Root

America has always been a land of boom and bust. It’s just part of the natural business cycle. But Obama and his socialist cabal have channeled Hoover and FDR, who turned an ordinary bust into The Great Depression with a toxic strategy of bigger government, more spending, more debt, expanded entitlements, more rules and regulations strangling business, higher minimum wages, more power to unions, and dramatically higher taxes to pay for this expansion of big government. Sound familiar? Simply add in "green energy" and this is the same toxic brew of the Obama game plan. Interestingly, it's the same plan that has led Europe to the edge of the cliff as well. [more...]

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

U.S. Corporate Taxes Need to Go to Zero

On April 1, our ally Japan is playing a cruel little April Fools' Day joke on us: The country is lowering its corporate tax rate from 39.5% to 35%. This will give the United States the dubious and awkward distinction of having, at 39.2%, the highest integrated federal/state tax rate among the developed countries of the world. In the world of politics, where nothing is without nuance and message, I wonder what our friends in Japan are trying to tell us? [more...]

Why You Should Support the Keystone Pipeline

This one should just be a no-brainer.  We have a project that will create more than $20 billion in new spending for the U.S. economy.  It will increase the personal income of Americans some $6.5 billion, along with increasing gross output (product) another $9.6 billion.  This project will create more than $585 million in new revenue for states and will create 13,000 union jobs.  Even better, this energy pipeline is fully paid for by private dollars, meaning no government financing. Yet President Obama and his administration has lobbied against the Keystone XL pipeline which would jumpstart a struggling U.S. economy.  The administration has used excuses that doesn’t make sense to justify their opposition to this program.  First it was the environmental concerns.  When those were proven to be manageable, then the administration pointed to the pipeline route through Nebraska which had not received all of the regulatory approvals. [more...]

Monday, March 5, 2012

Government Employees - The True 1%

How did America become broke and insolvent? How did we build up an unimaginable $115 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities? How did we allow the American Dream to become a nightmare? All we need to do is look at the primary demand the Eurozone and IMF are placing on hopelessly bankrupt Greece to get their new $170 Billion bailout: Greece has agreed to cut 150,000 government employees. Even Cuba's leader Raul Castro recognizes government employees are at the root of economic destruction, as he is cutting over 2 million of them to save Cuba from bankruptcy. The truth is that government employees are the true 1%. We have far too many of them (21 million), they are paid too much, and their union demands are straining taxpayers to the breaking point. [more...]

'Fair Taxes' Actually Are Unfair to All

By Christopher Markowski

The presidential election is grinding away on a single issue: What constitutes a fair tax burden for the support of our great country and way of life. The Democrats say the wealthy should pay more. To wit, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's comment that the most fortunate should pay more for the privilege of being an American. Predictably, the Republicans say this is tantamount to wringing the neck of the Golden Goose. The conflict has an ugly veneer, fresh off the Occupy Wall Street movement where the 99% were pitted against the 1%. "Tax fairness" is all about giving the government more that it can get away with. That's why it's unfair to all, because in the long run, it hurts us all.  [more...]