Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bill Glynn Proves Money Does Grow on Trees

Historic Program Values Landscaping as a Substantial Asset on a Property

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 30 -- Bill Glynn, the co-founder of HMI, Inc., in partnership with the Waynick Book Group, announced that consumers can order a certified, customized inspection and landscaping assessment for their property to use in a real estate transaction to defend that asking price and equity in the home. Care instructions and plant descriptions specific to the property will be provided in a four-color report; and non-certified, consumer self-entered books will be available until January.

Starting in January 2010 consumers will have access to customized landscaping valuation tools and services to help home buyers and sellers defend the value of their home equity and asking price by uncovering the hidden value of existing landscaping in properties being bought or sold. Today certified arborists are ready to do onsite inspections and provide replacement costs values to consumers across the country through HMI's Tree Facts services. The services are also available for property casualty reports, tree removal, increases in insurance coverage for landscaping and health inspections. The Tree Facts service can be ordered at www.moneygrowsontrees.com.

Home values are severely depressed in the U.S. Equity in homes is being wiped out at an alarming rate. Every feature of a home including granite countertops, refrigerators, marble flooring, etc. are aggressively sold as premium features to try to defend the asking price and protect the equity in a home. The market doesn't realize and never before could measure the hidden value in the landscaping which is most often more valuable to replace than their entire kitchen and appliances at a minimum.

The partnership will provide both self-entered and onsite property inspections and assessments of the total replacement cost on individual trees and shrubs and the aggregate landscaping value. In January services will be offered under the Money Grows on Trees brand and can be ordered at www.moneygrowsontrees.com.

Waynick Book Group, owner of Cool Springs Press, the market leader in consumers gardening and care books and guides, is refining the offering to offer custom four-color books that deliver care instructions, plant descriptions that are self-entered, and also produce non-certified replacement cost values. Self-entered books will be offered at $19.95 for the basic book, $39.95 for a bound coffee table book; and a certified site evaluation to be used in a real estate transaction or for insurance upgrades and property casualty claims can be ordered today. The Waynick Book Group is using its considerable "lawn and garden" reach and massive repository of specific care instructions and more consumer friendly content for the January 2010 roll out.

The most considerable investment one will make in his or her lifetime is a home. Valuing every asset on a property is crucial to protect that investment. Caring for the investment over time and valuing the assets simply couldn't be done until now. Each year consumers spend billions on landscaping, services and products to beautify their property. In a property transaction, landscaping has always been referred to as "nicely landscaped" or good "curb appeal." Today homeowners and buyers spend over $1,000 to have a home inspected and appraised. Now consumers can obtain tangible values for the external features of the home to supplement the internal features being marketed. The program will provide consumers with custom books specific to the plants and trees only on their property and care instructions for their assets.

I truly believe that Bill Glynn is a visionary and is unquestionably an American asset. With all the chaos in the real estate market who would have ever thought of a program so substantial in today's housing market? Glynn compares landscaping to a diamond ring. When a diamond is purchased at a value of $12,000 and placed into a $1,000 "setting," it becomes a ring and in most cases the ring is appraised at over double the price of the diamond and ring setting individually. When a tree or plant is placed into a "setting," an investor's yard, it immediately triples in value. Much different from a car that depreciates up to 25% once it is driven off the lot, landscaping appreciates in value every year as it grows. The value of the landscaping assets is based on replacement cost and the values are supported throughout the insurance industry for use in property casualty losses, remediation, upgrading insurance and most importantly an inventory of assets in the event that a loss occurs.

About Bill Glynn: Ranked by Information Week as one of the world's top 15 innovators globally, Bill Glynn continues to shake up industries. He has been a venture capitalist and entrepreneur for 20 years and is the author of Left on Red. He has raised and invested over $1 billion. Bill reaches almost 20 million people a month through his appearances on television and radio. He is an insider in the film and music industry. Of particular note is his involvement in helping commercialize iChat (instant messaging and chat), through one of his venture fund portfolio companies, that became ubiquitous across the world, for co-founding HMI, Inc. that provides landscaping valuation services and systems to provide and augment landscaping insurance and remediation, co-developing structured financing alternatives for liquidity in the private equity space, co-building his first venture capital fund in his late twenties, helping to grow Red Storm Entertainment (Tom Clancy) and a host of other successful ventures. Bill advises Fortune 1000 companies and is a supporter of The Royal Institution's World Science Assembly and the East West Institute with an eye toward harmonizing humanity across the major religions on earth and the weaponization of science. For more information, please visit: www.billyg.net

About HMI: The only national provider of comprehensive tree and landscaping services that includes emergency tree removal services, standardized health inspections of green assets, average replacement cost analysis of trees for insurance, accounting and legal purposes, and tree preservation services and customized reports and inventories of landscaping. For more information, please visit HMI's Web site at www.hmiadvantage.com or call 866-937-6468.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let Newspapers Fail

By Wayne Allyn Root

Bailout of Newspapers Threatens Free Speech and Editorial Independence

Bailouts Constitute “Legal Bribery”

Members of Congress have recently suggested that the federal government should undertake a billion dollar newspaper bailout. President Obama seems interested. Really? Why? Because the other bailouts worked out so well? Congressional investigators recently disclosed their doubts that AIG will ever be able to pay back its government loans. At the same time, economists suggest that at least $20 billion of the government loans to U.S. automakers are lost forever. GM and Chrysler now constitute a $100 billion welfare program, that just happens to sell cars (that no one wants). Meanwhile the economy continues to flounder despite the $800 billion economic stimulus package (a bailout to more fat cat corporations and Obama contributors). This disaster just keeps on growing (because government is involved). [more...]

Monday, September 14, 2009

Government Capitalism

By Bill Glynn

K Street to Look Over the Back of Wall Street

Government capitalism - more like socialism - is still trying to take a larger and larger administrative role in how Wall Street operates. But Wall Street just isn’t going to go along with it. Yes, Wall Street was largely to blame for the economic implosion. And now the government wants to step in and regulate how the firms operate and how they pay people. That isn’t the government’s job. They can create legislation empowering the SEC and the treasury/fed with powers to force regulations and standards upon Wall Street, like the Sarbanes-Oxley act of 2002, but they cannot and will never be able to control the price people are willing to pay for talent. This at the core of capitalism. All eyes are focused again on the high pay of executives on Wall Street. Obama will speak today about this very subject and to a lesser amount about the actual regulatory specifics that need to change. Oh, by the way, this needs to happen globally, too, where the U.S. has no power at all. Regulations and more power being held by the SEC will happen and a lot of that good to reign in pandemic possibilities and rogue practices, but talent is a fluid resource that will go where the money is and, hence, take the business and clients with them. [more...]

The Audacity of Union Worship: Obama Declares WAR on China

By Wayne Allyn Root

Obama is making a tragic decision to start a trade war with China to appease the unions. It seems whatever unions want, unions get from Obama - even if it destroys the U.S. economy. Is this all part of a plan to destroy capitalism and introduce socialism? Obama's leftist love affair with unions has now reached critical mass. I believe it now threatens our economic future. His decision to start a full-blown trade war with China, by imposing heavy trade duties on imported Chinese tires, will start an economic war that U.S. citizens cannot afford, nor hope to win. It will cost jobs, destroy businesses, hurt U.S. Gross Domestic Product), and damage the future of our children and grandchildren. But, worse, it threatens to plunge the entire world into a global economic catastrophe. This tragic decision was all based on Obama's need to impress his union friends and contributors- even at a cost of deepening and lengthening a global depression. [more...]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

THE BIG LIE: Obama Says Healthcare Won't Add to Our Budget Deficit

By Wayne Allyn Root

Obama told the big lie again last night - promising that his healthcare plan would not add to the deficit. Do you remember Obama's promise that his stimulus plan would “add three million jobs?” Instead we lost almost three million jobs! Do you remember Obama and liberal politicians arguing that the money we gave GM and Chrysler would not be a waste, and that much of it would be repaid? Well, a new study now predicts $22 billion in auto bailouts is lost forever. How about “Cash for Clunkers?” The government ran out of money in just four days! How do we know that government-run healthcare won't run out of money in a week?

Let's examine the predictions for Medicare. Back in 1970, government “experts” predicted that Medicare would cost $12 billion by 1990. The real cost: $110 billion. Government was only off by almost ten times more. Now Obama says his plan will “only” cost $900 billion and not add to the growing budget deficit. Anyone wanna bet? This Las Vegas oddsmaker-turned Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee is taking that action.

But a breaking story in New York may be the best case for defeating government-run healthcare. OTB just declared bankruptcy. OTB (Off Track Betting) is government-run gambling. Not just any gambling - but rather the most profitable gambling business model on earth. You see OTB doesn't even take a chance. They cannot lose. They simply take a cut off the top to pay out winners, and keep the rest for themselves. Yet OTB is over $200 million in debt, and has over $500 million in unfunded liability for the pensions and healthcare of their 40,000 employees.

What does all this prove? That government is incompetent and cannot be trusted to run anything. That government fails at virtually everything it does - from running brothels in Nevada, to running gambling in New York. That many government employees couldn't survive in a private sector job (at least not one that requires showing a profit). And of course that government wastes money by employing too many people and paying them far too much. I'll bet that OTB could run successfully and profitably with 4,000 employees instead of 40,000. The moral of the story is if you can't make money in the sex or gambling business, you can't run the healthcare system of the USA.

But worst of all, the OTB story proves the foolishness of the idea of providing universal healthcare to 300,000,000 Americans. OTB is broke because they have $500 million in unfunded liabilities just from paying bloated pensions and free healthcare for 40,000 people. If you can't fund free healthcare for 40,000 people in the most profitable business on earth (gambling), can you even imagine the debt from trying to pay for free healthcare for every person in the country? [more...]

Friday, September 4, 2009

Madoff Negligence Sets up SEC for Madoff Investors

By Bill Glynn

I am certain the Billionaire’s Boys club is using every tool - social, political and economic - to wrangle the SEC into a position to help them recover their pilfered monies from the Madoff scam. The recent announcements of negligence and incompetence in uncovering the Madoff ponzi scheme leaves the door wide open for a shareholder class action suit against the SEC for certain.

It already appears to me the powers to be are at work. Having the SEC spit up words like incompetence is a strong indication that behind the scenes pressure has begun to soften the government for another bailout. Powerful people lost huge amounts of money and so did the little guy. The little guy is in good company. I am certain if mom and pop (who also lost millions) stood up, and they have, to cry "foul!" the words would go largely unnoticed. That is one thing. If a billionaire stands up and cries "foul!" that is an entirely different dynamic.

Money and power go hand in hand. Lucky for all the investors the big boys are playing hardball and for certain pressure on the political machine that they have probably paid millions into has their head in a vice to do something. It is not some revelation that the SEC missed all this but it is a revelation to see them set themselves up for a fall. It is really unheard of. I strongly believe this has been brought about at least in part from tremendous pressure worldwide to position a recovery of the monies lost. Heck, you would be shot in the streets these days for a pair of sneakers! In this case the fall guys are being lined up against the wall in front of a firing squad and I bet we will see the SEC in court and forced to cut a deal to pay the investors back. [more...]