Thursday, April 26, 2012

Could Spain’s Reign over Dire Economy Subject World to Greater Downfall?

Write this down - soon you will tune in to the news and it will be “all Spain, all the time.” By this summer (and maybe sooner) Spain will be on everyone’s lips. You will wish you'd never heard of Spain. Spain could take us all down. This month marked the anniversary of the sinking of the supposedly unsinkable Titanic. Spain is the new Titanic. It’s already hit the iceberg and is sinking fast. 1,500 died when the Titanic sank. Spain's sinking could kill entire economies, destroy millions of jobs, affect billions of lives, and drown us all in debt. Spain is about to become a gigantic problem for the entire world. Unlike Greece, Spain is too big to fail, but also too big to bailout. The economic news out of Spain is very, very bad for all of us. The reason Spain is so important is because size matters. [more...]