Thursday, September 29, 2011

Robbing America's Young By Wayne Jett

Robbing America's Young

No Jobs, No Homes, No Children, No Future

The Fruits of Graft By Wayne JettThe truth about how the Great Depression and today's economic crisis were "manmade" is, at long last, told in a stunning new book by classical economist, Wayne Jett - The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now"Millions of Americans are living in economic depression. All generations are badly impacted. Among the most tragic effects of 21st Century financial conspiracy is the relative poverty of America's new young adults," he says.

Many people outside the financial sector do not understand why anyone would welcome or even plan an economic depression. But, Jett says, financiers know very well that crashes in financial markets are their most profitable times, if they position themselves on the "short" side by betting against companies and the economy. This type of trading, much of it fraudulent, was pervasive in the Great Crash of 1929 and remains so in 2011. Jett calls attention to Monday's statement on the BBC by a London trader, who candidly states he "goes to bed every night dreaming of recession."

In this reality, financial players have tremendous incentive to plan and cause economic depressions. Not only to profit immensely during market crashes, they then have great capital stores to buy assets at fire sale prices (two to five cents on the dollar during the Depression) so their control of the economy is even more complete. Jett says his book presents evidence proving this is what, in fact, occurred during the Great Depression and during the financial "collapse" of 2008.
"President Barack Obama is the new FDR. Into Obama's waiting arms the American electorate flew, driven by financial improvised explosive devices planted within a Republican administration by Wall Street operatives. The same occurred when voters ran to FDR from tariff, tax and financial fraud injuries inflicted during the presidency of Herbert Hoover. Europeans suffer much the same oppression as Americans. Somehow those who impose manmade depressions must be overcome." [more...]