Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Revolutionary Tea Party Plan to Save the U.S. Economy from Economic Disaster

By Wayne Allyn Root

Obama is about to present his State of the Union. But he doesn't have a clue about the true 'state of the union' for small business owners. I am a small businessman. My friends are almost all small business owners. We all believe that Obama's prescription for saving the American economy is a disaster. His policies of tax and spend are killing jobs, destroying confidence, and wiping out small businesses by the thousands each month. Without a recovery by small business, there can be no recovery for the U.S. economy.

Today I present a plan that can save small business. My plan is "Reagan squared." It has one goal in mind - creating tens of millions of new jobs by motivating and encouraging small business. This plan allows small business owners to keep more of their own money, and encourages them to invest it, risk it, and spend it on building new businesses, expanding old businesses, and creating new jobs. That is how you save the U.S. economy from economic disaster.

Things are bad... and getting worse. As a small businessman with my finger on the pulse of Main Street, not Wall Street, I see the true state of the union. This is not a recession; it is a depression. We are not in recovery. We are in the depths of a long-term depression. I believe America is on the verge of economic collapse. For us to get out of this 'Great Depression II,' we must focus on small business - not big government, not big corporations, not unions, not lawyers, not lobbyists, not government spending, not stimulus spending, not the hiring of more government employees. None of those create jobs (as Obama has proven). Jump-starting small business is the only way out of this catastrophe.

Printing money and passing out piles of fake cash in the form of bailouts and stimulus may make things look better for the short term, but they only make the long-term situation worse. The fact is governments around the world are out of ammunition. As soon as the stimulus and bailouts run out, we will all feel the REAL effects of this economic Armageddon: devaluation of the dollar; dramatically higher interest rates; dramatically higher taxes; dramatically higher inflation; dramatically lower government bond ratings; default on our debt; and sooner, rather than later, economic collapse. That is the future we are facing - and it is ugly. [more...]

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Obama Death Panels: Unions!

By Wayne Allyn Root

Obama will choose to save unions and destroy small business.

Obama is the first president owned by unions. He models the U.S. after Michigan and California - government employee unions gone wild! There was never going to be a heavy tax on high value “Cadillac” health insurance policies. That was just a smokescreen. That was just a “placeholder” until Obama could come up with taxes on business owners to replace it. Under Obama, it is always the “rich” who will pay. Whether it’s a surcharge on income or a huge increase in Medicare taxes, or an expansion of Medicare taxes to include profits on investment income... you can bet your bottom dollar that it is “the rich” who will pay for universal healthcare.The problem is this category that Democrats call “the rich” is primarily small business owners - the same small business owners that create 80% of all new jobs. Without small business participating - and motivated - there can be no increase in jobs. There can be no increase in taxes revenues. There can be no money to fund Obama’s bailouts, or nonstop stimulus packages, or his gigantic expansion of government. [more...]