Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get Ready for Bank Runs

The media was wrong in pronouncing the economic crisis over in Europe. They are wrong in America, too. The REAL economic indicators - the ones not based on fraud, propaganda, deception, or delusion - prove that the economic crisis caused by too much government, too much spending, too much taxing, too many government regulations and too many government employees with obscene salaries and pensions, is just beginning.

Get ready for bank runs, capital controls, theft of your pension funds, economic collapse, and a government armed to the teeth, that wants to disarm you - its citizens... because what is happening now in Europe is a sign of things to come under Obama.

The media has told us for months that "everything is fine in Europe, a recovery is underway, the worst is over." Really? How’s that working out for you? The economic crisis and contagion in Europe that was supposedly “under control” is now spiraling out of control. There is desperation in the air - fear and panic everywhere. Think I’m exaggerating? Well, don’t take my word for it; a major bank executive stated publicly last week that "only Jesus can save the EU now." [more...]

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ryan to the Rescue?

Paul Ryan has a plan - a good one, I think, as a start. This plan reduces the budget deficit by 2023. This does nothing to the national debt; it is simply designed to stop adding to the debt by then. And $17 trillion is upon US! We spend so much that if we make dramatic changes today – which are a requirement to survive, ourselves – then we balance the corporate books. In other words, we borrow more and more up to that time. Will tax reform help? NO! Will Medicare and Medicaid reform help? NO! Will Social Security reform help? NO! Why? It will never get done and even if some changes occur, it will be piecemeal at best. And so I make this clear: it matters little because those programs are Ponzi schemes; and, yes, Gov. Perry, banished for saying it, was right. They own trillions of U.S. debt. So even if incremental changes are made, they are still holding the bag. [more...]

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Global Money Printing Campaign is Working its Magic

The headlines pumped out of the mainstream press this week were some of the most economically positive that I have seen recently. It seems the global embrace of quantitative easing is finally beginning to work its magic. But central banks do not appear willing (more likely able) to turn off the printing presses.

While the Fed's "wealth effect" is working, it has only served to distort the financial markets through wrong incentives and moral hazard. Today, corporations are sitting on enormous piles of cash and are not hiring like they were in the pre-crisis era. U.S. real estate is still plagued with underwater mortgages and record defaults and foreclosures. And America’s unemployment remains stubbornly high, despite the government’s best attempts at painting a different picture with their bogus "official" numbers.

The stock rally that we are experiencing likely has much more room to continue. Trillions of investment dollars are still sitting on the sidelines in bonds and cash. Americans have short memories. If the stock market continues climbing, money will come pouring into stocks. This will drive prices up even quicker. This will set the stage for the next mega-collapse. I have no predictions on dates when this will occur. However, it is certain due to the vicious cycle created by the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies coupled with typical investor behavior. [more...]

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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Future of America's Cities

For roughly 50 years America has observed the profound decay of a large number of her once most productive and wealthiest cities. These unhappy places have been concentrated in the Northeast and along the Great Lakes.

The past of every American city was messy and the future will be more so. Places that will thrive will do so because they are the home to smart and creative people who could largely care less if they are part of a cluster, the creative class, or a cog in a city’s master plan, much less a soldier in an ideological war. Individuals make the future and cities should strive to provide the basics to make it easier for them to get there. If sufficient numbers find success they will bring everyone else along. Simply, the future belongs to those who make it. They won’t try to make it if they can’t own it. [more...]